Andrea Aquilanti


La stanza (The Room)

From September 30th, 2010, to November 25th, 2010
Opening Thursday, September 30th, 6.30pm

On Thursday September 30th opens at the gallery Ciocca Arte Contemporanea the exhibition of the Roman artist Andrea Aquilanti entitled La Stanza (The Room), exhibition which continues the artist's investigation into the relationship between reality and its representation, between the present space and the experienced space which remains in the memory of art.


The spectator will be welcomed by the work Specchio (Mirror), a true private mirror of its reflective abilities, on whose surface it is possible to observe images of a story which took place in front of it in a non defined time. The meaning of this story is gradually revealed through the route of the exhibition which leads visitors into a parallel reality which relates to him, made up of rooms that open up beyond walls and which talk about objects and spaces in a play between reality and fiction. Like a young Alice, the viewer is projected into the story in which he becomes a visible and invisible part of its reality and its artistic fiction.

With a complex language which reveals the contamination of cinema and graphic art, Aquilanti crop fragments of reality which he reproduces on the wall, on which he overlays a video projection that has the task of showing the physical image of things as they usually appear. When the spectator, walking the guided tour, passes in front of the source of the projector, the image of the things seems to vanish, thus revealing the underlying discourse of Aquilanti's art, in other words the dialectic between real space and the imaginary space of artistic perception, between the illusory nature of images and the concreteness of objects, between past and future, extremes apparently brought together by the unity of vision.

La Stanza (The Room), articulated in the three projections at the core of the entire exhibition, inserting the spectator directly in the video projection, establish an interactive relationship between audience and artwork; the images presented remain anchored to a present reality through the outline of the spectator’s shadow, but show, at the same time, a past reality or one merely imagined through those objects which have left a trace of their existence in that place or space on the wall, but which at the present time are not there anymore or have been moved away.


In these site-specific installations, the Roman artist pursues a redefining concept of image, filtering it through the emotional tissue of human experience and breaking down physical limits by projecting the viewer beyond the place where he is, within the art site. La Stanza (The Room) reveals the interest of Aquilanti in the magic of light, his favored material, ubiquitous in his work. All his works are shaped by light and by its transformation through time and space, in relation to the movement and being of the spectator, who not only perceives the artwork but lives it by contributing to transforming it and to revealing the underlying conceptual implications.



In contemporary to the exhibition La Stanza (The Room), from October 8th to December 4th 2010 The Gallery Apart hosts in Rome, in Via di Monserrato 40, the personal exhibition of Andrea Aquilanti entitled Galleria d'arte (Art Gallery).

Andrea Aquilanti was born in Rome in 1960, where he still lives. In 2009 he won second prize at PREMIO TERNA02, whilst the previous year he was present at the XV Rome Quadrennial. Over the years he has exhibited in numerous public spaces, including in Rome at the Palazzo Barberini (Cose mai viste - Things never seen, 2009), at the Galleria Nationale di Arte Moderna ( I misteri di Roma - The Mysteries of Rome, 2004), at the Palazzo della Farnesina (Italian art for XXI Century, 2003) and in Naples at the Palazzo Reale (Preview of the XIV Rome Quadrennial, 2003). His work has been hosted in several galleries in Italy and abroad, such as the NOTgallery in Naples, Oddi Baglioni, Nuova Pesa, Ugo Ferranti and The Gallery Apart in Rome, Estro in Padua, Natalie Obadia in Paris, Pici Gallery in Seul, Design Center in Tokyo and Tembodai Sky Gallery in Osaka.

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